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​Housing Packages from Our Consultants in Anchorage, Alaska​

Yukon, Housing Packages in Anchorage, AK

Toyo, Housing Packages in Anchorage, AK
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Denali, Housing Packages in Anchorage, AK

Larsen Consulting Group, an architectural and engineering services consultant located in Anchorage, Alaska, offers many options in our housing packages. The shortage of housing in Bush, Alaska, has been a serious dilemma. The answer is buying the design, materials, and construction support in 1 package deal.
The design and delivery of housing for rural Alaska is one of our most important areas of business. Our services include design, design/build, and supply of materials ready for housing construction. LCG has developed housing packages that include materials delivered to the site, the plans, materials lists, planning workshops and assistance during construction. The result is high-quality housing constructed in Bush Alaska.
LCG Alaska home packages includes design, supply, and delivery of building materials to your community. You will receive a complete set of construction drawings and material list.
We provide a variety of house models. We eliminate the difficult work, such as design, preparing materials lists, buying materials, and figuring out the shipping. As a result, you are free to focus on the important stuff, the construction of your new home.
Our homes include a variety of options, and future additions can be made as your budget allows. We customize our bathrooms to serve communities without sanitation facilities or with flush and haul systems. We will furnish the foundation system best suited to your location.
Support Available If Needed:

Enviro​nmental Assessments
• Architectural & Structural Design Services
   for Custom Needs
• Civil Engineering for Site Design
   & Water/Sewer Hookups
• Surveying for Property Surveys & Platting
• Inspection Services & Construction Support
• We Provide Training for Construction
   of Your Home

Our Delivery Team
Larsen Consulting Group (LCG) and Spenard Builders Supply (SBS), have teamed up to bring you affordable, quality home packages delivered anywhere in Alaska. Our experience includes the design of housing in communities from Selawik to Klawock. We provide housing for the Alaska environment with emphasis on energy efficiency, rural lifestyles, and ease of construction.
LCG Foundation Systems
We have completed considerable work for clients to solve problems with failed foundations in permafrost regions. We continue to provide services for projects involving the repair of failed foundations. This has prompted us to develop methods to construct foundations that are stable, easy to maintain and affordable.
Our mission has been to develop a piling system that is affordable and a post-and-pad system that is stable and adjustable. We believe the resulting solutions will solve more foundation, pipe support, and power-pole problems than we had ever envisioned.

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